A Typical Monday Swim Workout: Getting Ready For Your First One Mile

Whether you’re swimming to gain fitness, improve endurance or build strength then a great goal to get you started is completing your first one-mile. Whether it’s doing laps in the pool or getting ready to take on the open waters, swimming is a great low-impact workout and a good way to relax both mentally and physically.

If you also happen to be someone whose Mondays end up having an abnormally slow start then welcome to the club. Weekends are generally made for friends, family, food and the rest of the time? Netflix and chill.

I happen to wake up in a not-so-much#mondaymotivationframe of mind. And while going for a swim most probably isn’t the first thing on my want-to-do list I’ve found it’s still the best way to kick-start my week.

The Set

The warmup

  • I love adding a bit of backstroke to stretch and open up my back and shoulders after spending the weekend laying on the couch.
  • I also mixup specific-focused swimming like kicking and pulling to regain technique and feel of the water.
  • Lastly, I like adding a few short sprints to speed up my heart rate before the main set.

The main set

  • Commonly known as the “pyramid set” this is a great pick-me-up for a Monday morning. The increase in distance combined with short rest will give you the rest to swim fast without it being too long so you have a continuous swim.

The cool down

  • Finish off your session by swimming at least 100m easy. If you feel like you can swim more then keep going until you’ve completely cooled down.

Enjoy! 🙂

Warm Up
200m as 50m free, 50m backstroke
100m as 25 kick, 25 swim, 25 pull, 25 swim
4x50m 15m fast 20 sec rest

Main Set
Rest 5 sec
Rest 10 sec
Rest 15 sec

Cool Down
100m with fins 15m of every 50m fast

Total distance: 1000m
Repeat the main set for a more advanced workout.