Your 2-Minute Morning Smoothie Recipe

Never enough smoothie recipes, right? This weeks’ recipe comes from my every morning regime. While definitely not being the morning person type, I’m also the one who hits the snooze button one too many times and then rushes out the house with a banana, take-away coffee and hair unbrushed. I’ve now opted to finding two minutes to put a smoothie together because let’s face it – a banana ain’t gna cut it! This recipe is quick to make, rich in antioxidants and superfood packed.

Recipe Type: Breakfast

Servings: 1

Prep Time: 1 min.

Cook Time: 1 min.

Total Time: 2 min.

The Recipe

1-2 bananas

1 cup frozen berries

1 cup coconut yoghurt

1 cup almond or liquid of your choice

1 sachet Wazoogles (I love the Unicorn Berry flavour) 🦄