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About Wave Workouts

Michelle’s love and passion for health and fitness came from her years of competitive swimming, which began with her selection for the National Team at just 14 years old. Since then, she has been competing relentlessly.

In 2017, Michelle took matters into her own hands and began designing her own swim and gym programs. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, resulting in her breaking the World Record for Fastest Female Robben Island Crossing (7.5km), becoming the fastest South African Female to swim the English Channel (35km), and even competing in the 10km Open Water Event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

While still swimming herself, Michelle’s focus has also shifted to coaching and inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals through her training platform, Wave Workouts.

Michelle’s Swimming Achievements

Michelle has many swimming achievements with a few of her top accolades being:

  • 2x Olympian in the 10km Open Water Event
  • Fastest Female Robben Island Crossing (7.5km)
  • South African Record for the Fastest Female to Swim Across the English Channel
  • 17x South African Champion in the 5km and 10km Open Water Events
  • 11 Years on the South African Elite Squad
  • Junior World Champion in the 5km Open Water Event
  • Five-Time World FINA Championships Participant
  • Youth Olympian in the 400m and 800m Freestyle
  • Youth Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist in the 800m Freestyle
  • Five-Time Midmar Mile Champion
  • Three-Time Cape Mile Champion

What Training Does Wave Workouts Offer?

Swim Squad
Receive squad training at any one of our branches to swim with people who share the same love and passion for the sport as you do. find a squad nearest to you here.

Online Coaching
Receive one on one online training with Michelle. This is a great option if you have a specific goal in mind and can’t always make squad hours.

One On One Coaching
Join for private 1-hour coaching lessons and receive stroke correction and open water training for a more efficient swim style.

Core & Strength Training
With core and strength training playing a fundamental part in swimming, receive swim-specific core workouts to better perform in your next open water swim.

Join any one of our dynamic open water swimming clinics to learn and advance your open water skills. Find more about clinics here.

Receive hundreds of swim workouts, core training, stretching routines and swim drills for you to take your training from your finger tips to the pool.

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If you’re looking for more about Wave Workouts or for one-on-one private coaching by celebrity athlete and trainer, Michelle Weber, then please fill in the form below and she will be in touch.

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